Safe Rides

General Description

The Safe Rides Service is a free service available to students, faculty, and staff. The service provides safe and timely campus and local transportation.

To request a ride, call (860)486-4809. When speaking with the Dispatcher you must provide your name, a pick up/drop off location, the number of people being picked-up, and your cell phone number. Due to the high volume of requested rides, no one will be picked up if they have not called and scheduled a ride.

Hours of Operation

Off Campus Locations

  • Mon – Fri: 9:00pm – 12:00am During the academic Year. (No service during scheduled breaks.)

How We Operate

Safe Rides is a van service provided by UConn Transportation (previously “Husky Watch” – run by the Police Department). Our mission is to provide faculty, staff and students with a safe ride when they do not feel comfortable walking to their destination.

A Safe Ride will bring you to an approved location within a one-mile radius of the Storrs campus. However, passengers must be traveling either to or from an on-campus location. If you’re not sure whether Husky Rides services your location, please see our list serviced off campus locations below.

Locations and Boundaries

  • Birch Road*
  • Carriage House Apartments*
  • Celeron Square Apartments*
  • Clubhouse Apartments*
  • Courtyard Condos
  • Depot Campus
  • Flaherty Road
  • Four Corners Apartments
  • Gurleyville Road (Only 1-140)
  • Hanks Hill Road (Only 1-128)
  • Holinko Estates
  • Hunting Lodge Rd & Apartments*
  • Knollwood Apartments
  • Oakwood Apartments
  • Orchard Acres Apartments
  • Separatist Road
  • South Eagleville Road (Only BEFORE Separatist)

If your pick-up location is not listed on the map, please inquire with our dispatcher to see if your location can be accommodated. (860) 486-4991

Passenger/Driver Relations

Drivers are required to be polite to passengers and we expect the same courtesy from you. If you ever have any complaints about a driver’s behavior, please call the Assistant Manager. Conversely, any passenger who does not display proper conduct may lose his/her van privileges (after a verbal warning).

Van drivers are required to remain in the vehicle at all times and are not able to assist in loading personal items onto the vehicle so please plan accordingly.


If you have any questions about the service please feel free to call our main office at (860) 486-4991 or email the Accessible Van Coordinator, Mary Sohon

Call 860-486-4809 to speak to the dispatcher.