Storm Lines

Our storm lines are designed to provide the University community with Bus service during inclement weather on an as needed basis. Storm service operates on an as needed basis, when it is safe for us to operate during weather events. There are two storm lines one providing service to the Green/Yellow lines and another providing service to the Blue/Red Lines. Storms lines do not have a fixed time schedule, so in order to locate a line you must use our GPS system

Service Hours

  •   Delayed opening of the University
    • Shuttle service will begin an hour before the scheduled opening
  • Early Closure of the University
    • Shuttle service will continue an hour after the scheduled closing

    University Closing

    • Shuttle service will begin when the storm has finished and/or when it is safe to have vehicles on the road

              Shuttles will begin running before 6 o’clock if it is safe to do so  

              Otherwise will resume operation the next business day

Schedule and Map