Winter Storm Service – Hours

The University strives to maintain normal operations throughout the winter months.  In rare instances, the severity of the weather may require the University to modify normal shuttle service operations.  While the conditions surrounding each significant storm event differ, Transportation Services will make every effort to provide shuttle services in the manner described below whenever University closures or delayed openings occur.

Regular fixed-route and on-demand shuttle services, and the Accessible Vans Service (AVS) will:

    • begin one (1) hour before DELAYED University Openings
    • go out of service one (1) hour after EARLY University Closings
    • Note: Shuttle services will continue to operate until all on-board passengers have alighted at their destination stops, but no passengers will be boarded during the end-of-service shut down process.

Shuttle services may be required deviate from the above-mentioned guidelines in response to changing operational conditions.

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The  latest University emergency information, including possible action plans, will be available at UConn Alert.  Those visiting the UConn Alert site will be able to sign up to receive University’s emergency text alerts.