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         Fall Schedule

Service Hours Mon - Thurs Service Hours Friday Service Hours Sat Service Hours Sun Arrival Intervals On Peak Arrival Intervals Off Peak* Service to
Blue** 7AM - 12AM 7AM - 10PM ---------- ---------- 10 minutes 20 minutes Charter Oak
Red 7AM - 12AM 7AM - 10PM ---------- ---------- 15 minutes 40 minutes Hilltop, Mansfield Apartments, Lot I
Yellow 7AM - 12AM 7AM - 10PM ---------- ---------- 15 minutes 30 minutes Lot W, Towers, Horsebarn Hill
Orange 7AM - 12AM 7AM - 10PM ---------- ---------- 15 minutes 15 minutes Central Campus
Purple 7AM - 7PM 7AM - 7PM ---------- ---------- 20 minutes 20 minutes Lot K (new lot), Lot J and Lot C
Silver 7AM - 12AM 7AM - 10PM ---------- ---------- 20 minutes 35 minutes Northwood, Lot F, Downtown
Hunting Lodge 7AM - 12:20AM 7AM - 12:20AM ---------- ---------- 1 hour 1 hour Hunting Lodge Road & Downtown
Hunting Lodge/Depot Combined 7AM - 6:50PM 7AM - 6:50PM ---------- ---------- 1 hour 1 hour Depot, Lot J, Hunting Lodge
Blue/Parking Express*** 7PM - 12AM 7PM - 12PM ---------- --------------- ---------- 25 minutes Lots C, F, J, K
Weekend 1 & 2 ------------- 10PM - 1AM 11AM - 1 AM 11AM - 7 PM --------------- 40 minutes

                      *Off Peak = Weekday service hours before 8AM and after 7PM

                      **Blue converts into Blue/Parking Express in the evening past 7 PM

                      ***Replacing Parking Express with Blue/Parking Express as we combine Blue and Parking Express from 7 PM

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: We are currently getting hit by the labor shortage like many other industries right now. WRTD/Husky Go has 3 new drivers coming on next week! In the meantime, Husky Go service will have the following changes when service is reduced: Evening time: The evening has the shifts which are the hardest to cover. Husky Go will reduce service in this priority unless something unexpected or outside of our control occurs: 1:Combine Blue/Parking Express/Orange (no closed stops). This route also covers Purple and Green stops. We will have 2 buses on this route when possible. 2:Run Campus Loop 2 to replace Silver/Red (some stop closures on one side of the street, see Passio. We will put 2 buses on this route when possible. During the day Husky Go will reduce service in this order if we cannot cover the daytime shifts: 1:Combine Hunting Lodge and Depot (1 closed Depot stop -Surplus store) 2:Cut Red #3... 3:Cut Yellow #3... 4:Cut Blue #2 ... 5: Cut Red #2 6: Cut Yellow #2 Some things unexpected may occur due to scheduling restrictions, we will update on Passio as often as possible. Thanks for your patience, apply to drive today! https://wrtd.org/employment/

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Lost and Found

If you believe you may have lost something in one of our vehicles, please call 860-456-2223. We cannot be held responsible for lost items.

About Transportation Services

Our mission is to provide safe, clean and timely passenger services to the Storrs campus and surrounding area. We operate a network of shuttle buses, accessible vans, and small vehicles for University students, faculty, employees and visitors. Hours based on the academic year, schedules may change during the breaks.
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Transportation Advisory Committee

Please follow this link for information about the Transportation Advisory Committee and notes from its prior meetings.

Surveys and Statistics

Transportation Services conducts surveys and gathers statistics about our ridership and the the of these surveys and studies are published online.

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