Shuttle Bus Charters

Windham Region Transit District (WRTD) now operates HuskyGo!

Windham Region Transit District (WRTD) [860-456-2223;] assumed operational control of the HuskyGo transit shuttle bus service on July 1, 2022.

The Shuttle Bus Charter request process and service provisions are unchanged.

However, Disbursement Vouchers will be used to pay for the services — Purchase Orders and KFS accounts cannot be used.

The new business process follows:

    1.   Submit the HuskyGo Shuttle Bus Charter Request form
    2.   Receive an email notification detailing the Charter Request you submitted (Step 1)
    3.   If the Business Purpose is “Other,” receive an email notification approving the Business Purpose of the Charter Request you submitted (Step 1)
    4.   Receive an email confirmation of WRTD’s ability to complete your requested charter and an estimate of its cost
    5.   Email your approval of the estimated cost by responding to the WRTD’s emailed cost estimate (Step 4)
    6.   WRTD provides the requested charter service requested in Step 1
    7.  WRTD emails you an Invoice for the charter services provided
    8.   You initiate a Disbursement Voucher in the invoice amount and attach the charter notification (Step 1), Business Purpose authorization (Step 3), and Invoice (Step 7)


    1.   All chartered shuttle services must be requested using the Charter Bus Request form on this page (see below).
    2.   Chartered shuttle services should be requested at least 14 days in advance.

Cancellations: Contact Wendy Kurcinik, Transportation Director (WRTD) by email sent to or by phone call to 860-456-2223.

A minimum one-hour service fee may be charged for services canceled within 48-hours of their scheduled delivery.

Charter Bus Rates

Period Hourly Rate
07/01/2021 – 06/30/2022 $60.00/hr$1.75/mile
(Rates are subject to change in accordance with a Memorandum of Agreement between UConn and the CT Department of Transportation.)
    1. Chartered shuttle service requires a 2-hour minimum reservation; therefore, the minimum amount that will be charged for chartered shuttle service is $120.00 + MILEAGE (2 hours @ $60.00 per hour in addition to $1.75/mile).
    2. The department head must approve the anticipated cost estimate for the chartered shuttle service.
    3. All information pertinent to the chartered shuttle service must be included on the request form.
    4. A representative from WRTD will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your submitted Charter Bus Request
    5. WRTD requires a 48-hour cancellation notice.  A less than 48-hour cancellation may result in a minimum 1-hour charge.
    6. WRTD will remit an electronic invoice.