Spring 2022 Weekday Shuttle Service

Service Hours Mon – Thurs Service Hours Friday Arrival Intervals On Peak Arrival Intervals Off Peak* Service to
Blue 7AM – 12AM 7AM – 10PM 10 minutes 20 minutes Charter Oak
Red 7AM – 12AM 7AM – 10PM 15 minutes 40 minutes Hilltop, Mansfield Apartments, Lot I
Green 7AM – 7PM 7AM – 7PM 15 minutes 15 minutes Lot C
Yellow 7AM – 12AM 7AM – 10PM 15 minutes 30 minutes Lot W, Towers, Horsebarn Hill
Orange 7AM – 12AM 7AM – 10PM 15 minutes 15 minutes Central Campus
Purple 7AM – 7PM 7AM – 7PM 15 minutes 15 minutes Lot K
Silver 7AM – 12AM 7AM – 10PM 20 minutes 35 minutes Northwood, Lot F, Downtown
Hunting Lodge 7AM – 12AM 7AM – 10PM 45 minutes 45 minutes Hunting Lodge Road & Downtown
Depot 8AM – 7PM 8AM – 7PM 30 minutes ————– Depot, Lot J
Parking Express 7PM – 12AM 7PM – 10PM ————— 25 minutes Lots C, F, J, K
Weekend 1 & 2 ————— 10PM – 1AM ————— 40 minutes

*Off Peak = Weekday service hours before 8AM and after 7PM



See Something Say Something

Join hand with the ‘Department of Homeland Security’ to keep America Safe!

“If You See Something, Say Something” is more than a slogan! It’s about us, our loved ones, our communities. To make our community safer and to empower each other to do their parts, please give a hand in the campaign “If You See Something, Say Something®”

This is a national campaign that raises public awareness of the indicators of terrorism and terrorism-related crime, as well as the importance of reporting suspicious activity to state and local law enforcement. The campaign has worked with state and local officials to determine the most appropriate reporting numbers to appear on materials, which connect to a state fusion centers or state/local law enforcement. The goal is to create a singular reporting mechanism, so citizens are seeing consistent messaging on where to report suspicious activity and to ensure that those suspicious activity reports are being received, analyzed, and shared by the necessary law enforcement officials.

Special Thanks to DHS for coming up with this campaign to secure the nation more than before!

For more details visit the campaign’s website https://www.dhs.gov/SeeSayDay
Click here to access Media FAQs
Protect your community!