Month: October 2018

Shuttle 101: Etiquette & Expectations

Shuttle patrons are encouraged to arrive early to their stops and be ready to board when the bus arrives.

This behavior shows respect for your fellow passengers and improves the on-time efficiency of the shuttle service.

Should you find yourself in the unenviable position having to try “to catch the bus” just before it departs a stop:

  • WAVE and try to make eye contact with the bus driver
  • the driver will wait for your arrival, whenever possible

To maintain safe operations, our bus drivers are NOT allowed to pick up passengers

  • outside designated bus stop areas.
  • or to pick up additional passengers once they have started moving away from a bus stop.

The shuttle is a shared resource that must provide regular and equitable service to all university community members.

We must provide timely service to our patrons and will meet the needs of individuals whenever possible while keeping that mandate.