Month: August 2019

UConn Stamford: NEW CTtransit Connector Route Announced

UConn Transportation Services is excited to announce that CTtransit will provide public bus service between the UConn Stamford campus and the Stamford Transportation Center, which will replace the shuttle bus service previously provided by the University.


Beginning August 26, CTtransit offers convenient transit bus service between the UConn Stamford campus and the Stamford Transportation Center via Route 355 (The UConn Stamford Connector). The 355 service operates weekdays, with the first trip departing the Transportation Center at 7:00am followed by trips every half hour throughout the day. The last trip departing the UConn campus in the evening at 10:15pm returns to the Transportation Center for 10:25pm. Route 355 operates on UConn class days during the fall and spring semesters only. The Connector will not operate if campus closes for weather events.


A CTtransit branded bus will be used when the service begins.  The bus will eventually be rebranded in an UConn design.


Buses on the Route 355 serve three stops: The Transportation Center Bay “A”, Washington & Main at the University’s residence (900 Washington Boulevard, Northbound & Southbound), and the bus stop on Franklin Street adjacent to the UConn campus.


Those arriving at the Stamford Transportation Center should board buses displaying the designation sign, “355 UConn Stamford,” for service to the UConn Stamford campus.  Those departing campus should board buses with the destination, “355 Stamford Transportation Center”, for service back to the station. UConn faculty and staff will be required to present their UConn IDs to the driver when boarding to receive service at no charge. UConn students will be required to present both their UConn IDs and current U-Passes for free service.


The public fare for the local route service is $1.75 for a two-hour pass.


CTtransit service to the UConn Stamford campus is also provided by the following routes:

313 West Broad Street

  • Operates daily between Stamford Transportation Center and Stamford’s West End.
  • Departs Transportation Center Lane B
  • Buses stop on Broad Street at UConn (outbound) and Washington Blvd. & Whitaker Place (inbound)


335 Washington Boulevard

  • Operates weekdays only between the Stamford Transportation Center and Stamford’s Bulls Head district via Washington Boulevard.
  • Departs Transportation Center Lane D
  • Buses stop on Washington Blvd. at UConn (outbound) and Washington Blvd. & Whitaker Place (inbound)


336 Long Ridge Road

  • Operates weekdays & Saturdays between the Stamford Transportation Center, Stamford’s Westover district, and North Stamford via Atlantic Square.
  • Departs Transportation Center Lane D
  • Buses stop on Broad Street at UConn (outbound) and Washington Blvd. & Whitaker Place (inbound)


Passengers are encouraged to sign up for CTtransit alerts at, where they can select the routes (including 355) about which they wish to receive notifications.


Link for 355 schedule and map


Press Release – August 2019 Updates – 8/16/2019

Welcome back everybody!

Last year, Transportation Services covered a lot of ground. Our buses traveled enough miles to circle the world 23 times last year! We also introduced a new bus tracking system, automatic passenger counting and enabled over a million trips around our campus.  We are truly excited by the opportunity to increase our ridership and serve you this year!

Our fall semester routes and service hours are now available on the UConn Transportation Services website.  You will see that we’ve kept the routes that worked well, addressed some of the most common students concerns, such as service to Hilltop. In the evening, shuttle service to the parking areas will be provided along a single route – the Parking Express. Other significant service changes were required to accommodate the continued development of the Storrs campus.  Those significant accommodations included providing shuttle service to Lot K on Discovery Drive, the newest parking lot on campus.

Service along the “Hunting Lodge Route”, formerly known as the Purple Line, has been transferred to the Windham Region Transit District (WRTD).   Forty-five minute service will be provided along this route during the 2019-20 academic year.  The only real change from last year is that student users will be required to present both their UConn IDs and their U-Passes in order to ride the WRTD bus at no charge.  This arrangement allows the university to focus on the provision of on-campus transit services and to reassign the buses previously used on the “Hunting Lodge Route” back to on-campus routes.

Tracking our shuttles and knowing their on-board capacity is easy using our TransLoc Rider app.  You can even set up the app to notify you when your bus is about to arrive!

Last year’s transportation survey results suggested that students prefer to receive important service announcements via the Daily Digest or by email newsletter.  We will use these options to convey important information about our services during the coming year.  Immediate service updates will also be provided via the TransLoc Rider app. Additional information about our transportation services can also be found on our website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

All the best during the coming year!

The Parking and Transportation Services team